Consulting's Problem Solving Method. In 2 Hours!

Adham Abdelfattah
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Over the last 10 years, I worked at the world's top companies including Amazon & McKinsey while landing offers from Google, Uber, J.P. Morgan & others. There's one skill that made all the difference.

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This course is a distillation of the problem-solving skills I was trained for along the way that made all the difference for me. And summarized in only 2 hours!


What's inside?

6 video lectures with a detailed walk-through of the Problem Solving Process


  • Overview: The 6-step approach top consulting firms use
  • Key principles: What top problem solvers keep in mind
  • Problem Definition: How to find real problems not symptoms
  • Structuring: Break down any problem using logic trees
  • Prioritization: Use 2x2 matrixes to focus and conquer
  • Synthesis: Use top-down communication & the pyramid principle


Refund policy

If you're not 100% satisfied with the course, or it's simply not what you were expecting, just reply to the receipt email within 30 days, and you'll get an immediate full refund. No questions asked.


Praise from others

"Adham's course on Problem Solving condenses one of the most important and subtle skills to have a successful career" - Wael Elsahhar - Head of Product & Operations Amazon Pay + McKinsey alum

"We solve a very diverse set of problems from marketing to finance and from retail to B2B that we need strong generalists and Adham teaches how to become that in an easy to grasp way" - Javier Gollonet - Director of Strategy at Samsung + BCG Alum

"This is the one skill most of the ultra-successful people I know owe their careers to. And Adham just unpacks it in such an easy to digest way!" - Ahmed Rashad - Head of Operations at Scale AI + Amazon and McKinsey alum

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Consulting's Problem Solving Method. In 2 Hours!

10 ratings
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